Education, Training + Research

Photo of Leslie Crutchfield speaking at podium with Georgetown University logo backdrop

Education, training, and research offerings are at the center of our work.

Our goal is to close the knowing-doing gap by carefully creating a connection between rigorous academic research and action to solve the world’s most pressing problems. We provide education and training for MBA students and nonprofit and corporate leaders.

We are committed to developing new ideas and sharing knowledge. We use our research findings to create educational offerings that expertly train current and future executives and leaders.

Education, Training, Research Opportunities

New Strategies: An advanced education program for nonprofit leaders that focuses exclusively on how to bolster and manage revenue for growth and success.

MBA Courses in Social Impact: A curated course collection to equip our graduates with knowledge, skills, and experience to lead and manage successful businesses in the 21st century. Courses include Corporate Social Responsibility, Investing for Impact, Sustainable Supply Chains, and Principled Leadership.

Impact Accelerators: A boot-camp style Executive Education experience including a mix of intensive learning, strategic thinking and planning, and trust-building activities designed to enable social movement leaders to strengthen and amplify movements in real time.

Research: We conduct research to support our teaching and training programs, as well as publish articles, chapters, and books, that include executive director Leslie Crutchfield’s latest book, How Change Happens: Why Some Social Movements Succeed While Others Don’t (new window) (Wiley/2018).