Our Team

We come from all over. We share one driving belief.

Business for Impact group photo with Washington Monument in the background

Business can – and should be – a force for good.

Some of us have long and successful careers in the private sector. Some have led academic departments and conducted groundbreaking research all over the world. Some of us are bestselling authors. Some of us have advocated for the world’s most pressing social, environmental, and economic issues.

But all of our different experiences have led us to this one place, with this single shared belief: it is not just possible for business to change the world for the better. It is our responsibility.

Business for Impact believes that in the years to come, the best business school will be the one that equally advances economic, social, and environmental impact.

We believe that the greatest profits of this century will come not at the sacrifice of, but in service of, people and the planet we share.

We believe that tomorrow’s greatest leaders will be prized for their ability to create profitable business that also advance people and protect the planet. We believe that the business school of the future will offer students the tools, experiences and relationships that enable them to be leaders who are both best in the world and best for the world.