Student Experience

We want every student that walks through Georgetown’s McDonough School of Business to understand that there is more than one bottom line in both business and life – and to have the skills to act on it.

Our students come to Georgetown McDonough because they want to apply business practices and skills to make a profit and solve the world’s most pressing problems.

With support from our founding partner, Bank of America, our students get real life, hands on experience working with our partner companies, nonprofits, and government leaders to create lasting social change. Visit Corporate + Community Impact to learn more about our partners and the issues we are working to solve.

Photo of students studying in Hariri building

Our commitment to students goes beyond their few years on the Hilltop. Working with Georgetown McDonough’s MBA Career Center (new window) and Net Impact (new window), we offer diverse career coaching and networking events in the social impact space and mentorship opportunities with some of the country’s top thought leaders and revered executives.

To get involved with the Business for Impact Student Leadership Program, please contact and stay up to date on all events here.