Sustainability Certificate

Georgetown McDonough MBA students have a unique opportunity to earn a Certificate in Sustainable Business. The purpose of the certificate is to equip students with knowledge and practical experience to lead and manage successful businesses with a deep understanding of the complex social, economic, and environmental challenges of the 21st century. 

Whether Georgetown McDonough students go on to lead a Fortune 500 company, launch a startup, or pursue careers that span all the three sectors – nonprofit, public, and private – those who earn the MBA Certificate in Sustainable Business will be prepared to address sustainability-related challenges and identify opportunities to create value by making their businesses and industries more sustainable.


Vishal Agrawal, academic director, Certificate in Sustainable Business, and Provost’s Distinguished Lapeyre Family Associate Professor

William D. Novelli, managing director, Certificate in Sustainable Business; distinguished professor of the practice; and founder, Business for Impact

Melissa Bradley, adjunct professor

Leslie Crutchfield, adjunct professor and executive director, Business for Impact

For more information on course requirements and how to apply, visit the Certificate in Sustainable Business site or contact us at

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