Together for Girls

Georgetown’s Business for Impact was engaged by Together for Girls to develop a strategy to catalyze a global movement to end sexual violence against children. This engagement built on our thought leadership in how successful movements are developed as described in How Change Happens.

We focused the project on Colombia, India, Kenya, and the U.S., selected for their regional diversity and in-country momentum.

The strategy sought to respond to the hidden pandemic of sexual violence against children that happens in families, schools, communities, sports, places of worship and online, in both developed and developing countries around the world.

The Six Steps for Building a Global Movement that emerged from this work are relevant to building any global movement.

  1. Identify the primary barrier: SVAC’s barrier was the stigma, shame and fear that survivors and their families have in coming forward.
  2. Understand the landscape and participants: Survivors were core to the movement as they have the greatest staying power and commitment.
  3. Determine the right timing: The time for the movement was now as lockdowns have brought SVAC to crisis proportions.
  4. Develop a framework for advocacy: The framework of prevention, healing and justice enabled the movement to be all inclusive.
  5. Create a strong, unifying and compelling message: Our message will create hope, concrete action and empowerment, and focus on the solution, not the problem.
  6. Identify how global and country movements will be interconnected: The SVAC movement will be globally networked, nationally connected and locally grounded.

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