Leadership Solutions for Health + Prosperity

The Leadership Solutions for Health and Prosperity program addresses challenging public health and societal issues involving the food and other industries. It brings together and assists business, public health, regulatory, and nonprofit leaders to arrive at practical solutions to health, nutrition, and other pressing problems.

 The Program is designed to tap a new type of leadership thinking that generates practical solutions to pressing public health issues for the benefit of consumers and society as a whole.

Program activities include:

  • Forums of industry executives, public health advocates, regulators, government officials, food/nutrition/agricultural experts, and others to solve common problems;
  • Executive seminars and workshops to guide industry and other stakeholders on public health issues and solutions;
  • Develop and showcase new research on consumer and other health concerns;
  • Produce and publish thought leader articles and opinions on industry opportunities to address public health problems.
  • Support and expand Georgetown Business for Impact’s leadership of the Portion Balance Coalition – an alliance of food and beverage industry, nonprofit, academic, and government leaders focused on healthier portions to combat obesity and overweight.

The Leadership Solutions for Health and Prosperity program is headed by Senior Director, Hank Cardello.

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