Leadership Solutions for Health + Prosperity

The Leadership Solutions for Health + Prosperity program brings together executives, nonprofit leaders, government regulators, and the public health community to put teeth into advancing actionable, real world solutions ranging from food waste, food insecurity, diet-related chronic conditions like obesity, Type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease, and upheavals to the entire food system due to climate concerns and COVID-19.

The Program will be led by nationally recognized food industry thought leader, Hank Cardello.

The Program is designed to tap a new type of leadership thinking that generates practical solutions to pressing public health issues for the benefit of consumers and society as a whole.

Program activities include:

  • Forums of industry executives, public health advocates, regulators, government officials, food/nutrition/agricultural experts, and others to solve food industry related issues;
  • Executive seminars and workshops to guide industry and other stakeholders on public health issues and solutions;
  • Develop and showcase new research on consumer and other health concerns;
  • Produce and publish thought leader articles and opinions on industry opportunities to address public health problems.
  • Support and expand Georgetown Business for Impact’s leadership of the Portion Balance Coalition – an alliance of food and beverage industry, nonprofit, academic, and government leaders focused on healthier portions to combat obesity and overweight.

The Leadership Solutions for Health + Prosperity program is headed by Senior Director, Hank Cardello, former Senior Fellow and Director of the Food Policy Center at Hudson Institute.

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